Nordeste, Povoação and Furnas

Bye beautiful Nordeste

We think that the roughest nature of this island is in Nordeste. Nordeste has some nice cliffs and views looking over the ocean. The first part, to our new location in Povoação, was really hard to climb. The next day or even the next hour we forgot about the climb. Loving it.


As we arrived in Povoação, there was a long downhill road. We had to use our brakes so much, that our hand muscles became sore. In Povoação we saw a lot of houses with chrismas lights, the ones you normally see in America. We went to a beach that existed out of black stones and a waterfall we saw during our downhill session into Povoação. It was very nice city and luckely for us, the tourists stayed away.


Our bike ride to Furnas was rather easy. The first five kilometers we had to climb, but after that is was almost flat. We saw some hot springs as we road through the city. So soon we will find ourselves in one. We love the place already and the house we stay in is old and you can see from the inside it’s only made of rocks.

This is one of our last city’s here on Sao Miguel. After that we will probably go to Flores. Stay tuned and bye for now.

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