A few temples in Chiang Mai

Wat Chedi Luang

The first temple we visited in Chiang Mai was Wat Chedi Luang. When we arrived, we could not enter the grand hall, because it was under construction. Behind the Wat Lok Mo Li stood an old chedi with a buddha inside. It was really nice to see it.

Address: Wat Chedi Luang – Google Maps

Wat Lok Mo Li

The second temple was Wat Lok Mo Li. This was a medium big temple. The temple had a really nice rooth and the paintings on the wall were very bright.

Address: Wat Lok Mo Li – Google Maps

Wat Rajamontean

The third temple was one of the random temples we came across on the way. It is called Wat Rajamontean. It was small, but in very good shape.

Wat Rajamontean – Google Map

Wat Phra Singh

The fourth temple was the Wat Phra Singh. This was a big temple with a lot of golden statues. Looked very nice and it was rather quite here. There even was a nice garden at the back of the temple.

Wat Phra Singh – Google Maps

Wat Pha Bong

The fith was Wat Pha Bong. This temple was also small, but it exists out of wood. The doors are also made of wood with carved pictures. No one was allowed to light incense here.

Wat Pha Bong (Mangkhalaram) – Google Maps

Wat Sri Suphan

The sixth temple was the Wat Sri Suphan. This was also a big one and almost covered in silver. Sadly, only men could enter this temple. The outside looked very nice and according to Tim the inside is almost the same. This temple really differs from the rest.

Wat Sri Suphan – Google Maps

From Wat lok mo li to Wat Sri Suphan the temples are build in a straight line through the city. It was a great way to see the temples and enjoy the city at the same time.

UPDATE: Sadly only 3 days after visiting Wat Sri Suphan the golden pagoda behind the temple had collapsed due to heavy rainfall. We could see the cracks on the side but never would’ve have thought it was so close to collapse.

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

The last one is Wat Prathat Do Suthep. Wat Prathat Doi Suthep is a temple in the mountains. It was very busy when we got there. There are plenty of taxies that can drive you to and from the temple. The temple itself was rather busy with tourists, but only in one spot. The most of the tourist just came to visit the middle of the temple, but the outside is also very nice to see. It is full of life. We saw birds, butterflies and other animals from the balcony.

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