Airborne Museum and Veluwe Zoom

The last two days we walked around in the Airborne museum and the Veluwe Zoom. We saw some pretty neat sights and ofcourse we’ve taken some pictures.

Airborne museum

The Airborne museum is in Oosterbeek close to Arnhem. It’s main theme is operation Market Garden where mostly British and Polish soldiers. They tried to clear the way for the main army that landed on Normandy’s beaches during D-day. The operation failed and the troops had to flee. This museum tells the personal stories about people beeing affected by the war.

Airborne cemetary

After we visited the museum we headed to the cemetary that was a 15 minute walk away. This cementary was a gift from the Dutch Government to the British because of their support. In this place are 1750 soldiers at rest. Because of the stories we heard in the museum the cementary had more of an impact than we thought.

Veluwe Zoom

The Veluwe Zoom is close to Arnhem. It’s a big National park with free entry. You can hike, bike and ride horses. We chose to walk a track that was five kilometers long that went through forest and moorland. The nature was very rough. Especialy because it just rained. The only wildlife we saw where some wild horses.


After the hike we treated ourselves to some good old Dutch pancakes. Yum.


Veluwe Zoom:

Airborne Museam:

Pancake Restaurant:

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