Another hike, another move

We have been slacking with posting for a few days. Past weekend we have spend working on some fun projects and we had to get our last Covid vaccination. But here we are again, time for another update.

Hunebed Hike

For our last trip in Odoorn we felt we had an obligation to atleast see a hunebed. We were in the province which is famous for them afterall. We decided to do another hike, lucky for us the town nearby has one of the biggest hunebeds and also a nice hiking trail. It was a trail of 13 kilometers and went through farmland, forests and small towns.

It was a nice trail for sure, the Hunebeds were not really our thing turns out.


Then it was time to move once again. We enjoyed Drenthe a lot and were a bit sad to leave so soon. We will come back.

After a big day of driving, we have arrived in Veghel. Here we rent an appartment situated at the market right in the city centre. t is a big change compared to the past few areas we stayed at. It’s a lot louder for sure!

Den Bosch

Because Tim was still a bit doozy from the vaccination we decided to take it slow on our first day here. We went to the Noord Brabants Museum in down town Den Bosch. For Tim it was nice to be walking around here again since he has worked here for some time.

We arrived a bit early at the museum so we walked around for a bit. We both had never been inside the St. John’s Catherdral so that’s where we went. Shame we both did not bring any cameras as we thought we were only going to see the inside of the museum. Note to self, allways bring your camera!

After the impressive St John we went to the museum. They had some cool collections from Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh. It was not easy to enjoy it though as there we a lot of people. Keeping at a distance was sometimes impossible to do and felt quite uncomfortable. Lucky for us the last part of the ld masters collection was nice and quite and we could enjoy walking around again.

After eating a delicious Bossche Bol from Jan de Groot we drove back to our appartment. We have plenty of sights lined up to see the upcoming week and a half and were looking forward to it!


Hunebed Centrum:

Noordbrabants Museum:

Bossche Bollen:

Where are we and were are we going next?

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