Arriving in Aosta, Italy

The house

Last period we haven’t shown you the places that we stayed. In Iceland we slept in a van and after that I think we kind of forgot about it. The first subject in our travels is our stay in Aosta. Up until now the home is very wonderful and is only half an our from the center of Aosta. But there is a side note to it. It’s very noisy and for a Dutchman it can get quite hot inhere. We don’t get much of sleep. Here are some photo’s of the stay.


Aosta lies between the mountains with a river cold Dora Baltea. This river is being used for watersports. We could not resist to go and have our fun on a very hot day with some rafting. Luckily there was plenty of room left for us on the next day. It was wonderful. We learned the basics of rafting and are in for more action and wilder rivers to struggle with. We sadly didn’t take any picture s but our guide did it for us. So here they are.

Aosta history

Aosta is also known for it’s pilgrim route. There are a lot of old Italian buildings that are still in good condition and a lot of old Bishops from the years 450 AC, are laid burried here. The town itself is a very nice place to eat and drink while visiting the excavations all over the city. Take a look at some of these pictures.

All together we enjoyed our stay very much. Tomorrow we are going to Bologna. See you soon!


Rafting Aventure Villeneuve

Aosta valley


  • Mieke

    Aosta roept mooie herinneringen op.

    Ga je daar ook de bergen nog in?
    Is ook zo schitterend . Matterhorn enz.
    Veel plezier

    • Tim and Ellen

      Hoi Mieke! Leuk dat je mee leest. Het is hier zeker mooi!
      Helaas hebben we niet genoeg tijd om de bergen weer in te kunnen, we moeten een boot halen in Ancona dus
      helaas gaan we morgen alweer verder naar het oosten.

  • Leony

    Dat zag er ook fraai uit.
    Het uitzicht uit het huis en het raften
    Ben benieuwd naar foto’s uit Bologna.

    Veel plezier nog.

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