Arriving in Horta and Madalena


Luckily for us the flight to the island Faial was much calmer, then our flight to Flores. We still had to assemble our bikes before we went on to our next stay in Horta. The most beautiful thing we saw in these few days, was the coastline with the blue water bashing into the black rocks. We adored the weather because it was great and warm.

Whale factory

We know Horta for it’s whale watching. This used to be whale hunting. We went to a museum called Azores Ocean Observatory. This is an old factory where they pulled the whales inside a courtyard and cut them to peace’s. It’s not very big but it’s really impressive. The history of this place shocked us with its destructiveness.


We went on a boat ride to Madalena on Pico Island. From the boat we had some magnificent views over Pico and Horta. The trip went verry smooth. When we walked of the boat we said ‘I think this is going to be very nice.’ We walked a few steps further and an awful smell came from the water. Almost like water from a sewer. And we were sleeping next to it.

The next week we want to visit a few places on Pico island. There is one last 600 meters high bike climb left for us of and than we are flying to Ponta Delgada, Lisabon and back home. So stay tuned for know.


Whale museum Horta

Vineyard Madalena

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