Back in Seoul

Lotte world tower Seoul

Lotte world tower is the fifth highest tower of the world at the moment. When we entered the tower, it was rather buzzy. It is also one of the biggest tourist spots in Seoul. The view was magnificent. We saw a lot of buildings, the river and underneath us we saw a small theme park. They also had a glass floor to walk on. Our friend stepped in as if he walked on solid ground. We tried to do the same. In the beginning Tim was a little bit scared and he only stood on the places where he saw an iron beam. Later he walked on the glass as well. Ellen had some less trouble, but you could see her shake. It was a great place to visit, but we found the price was higher than it was worth.

War Memorial day two

Last time we went to the War Memorial we only walked around in the outside exhibition. We decided to go again to see the inside exhibition and it was worth it. The admission was free. We read about the wars that has scourge these lands. From the war between the clans in the country, to the war with the occupation from Japan, China and North-Korea. There were a lot of movies we could watch that explained what happened in these periods. Our best one was a movie about the working of some of the canon ball and how they exploded. The only question we kept asking ourselves is, “How is this free?”. There had a lot of expensive things on the display. It is a museum that could take multiple days to explore if you want to visit it correctly.

The people here in South-Korea are very nice. We noticed there is a language barrier, but we are getting the hang of it. Our friends just left and we are on our own again. We are staying here for a bit longer to explore the smaller and inner parts of South-Korea.


Lotte world tower

War memorial

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