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Back to the Netherlands

Road to Sao Roque

After a short stay in Piedade we biked to Sao Roque. Ofcourse we had some nice views. And who are we, not to show them to you.

Sao Roque

The trip to Sao Roque was hard, but it was the last long trip before our flight back to the Netherlands. In Sao Roque we walked around the town. It was just as lovely as the rest of the island. The last view of Pico was setteling in. Our last ride on our bikes we went down a road with a velocity of 50 kilometers a hour. That was fun.

Return from Azores

Our last flight in a propeller plane to the main land was an easy one. As we got back home we did some Covid testing and had to spend a view days inside. Ellen her came out positive and she had to take a PCR-test. Luckely it came out negative and we got released. We spend our time visiting friends and family and enjoying the cold.

Riding down to Spain

The weather became very bad in the Netherlands and we decided to go to Spain for a little while. We missed the terrible storms and head off to the sun. The trip took about four days in our car.

Our arival

Offcourse the weather is very nice and our appartment is good. The beach is around the corner, just as we like it. And we are staying here in Chiclana de la Frontera (South of Spain) for a while. First thing on our to do list is work :D. The second is discover the neighbourhood and going to Sevilla.

Sorry we forgot about you for a little while, but there will be more news coming your way. Bye for now.

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