Beauties in Himeji

Himeji Palace

One of the beauties in Himeji is Himeji Palace. This palace is a UNESCO heritage. It is also called the White Heron castle. We think that this is one of the biggest castles we have seen so far. Even the main building is bigger than most castles. It seems that one of the married couples that lived here, got married because of love and not because someone was married off. We found the space was enormous. The interior of the castle existed out of dark wood while the outside walls were white. The castle was six floors high excluding the basement. Some of the stairs were hard to walk on even for us. At the top the view was magnificent. We could see the whole city.

Address: Kasteel Himeji – Google Maps
Website: Himeji Castle official site: Home (j-server.com)
Admission: 1000 Yen per adult (incl Koko-en garden it is 1050 Yen per adult)

Koko-en Gardens Himeji

The second one of the beauties in Himeji is the Koko-en Garden. This is a Japanese garden that was part of the castle. We wanted to visit the Koko-en Garden and the Himeji Castle on the same day and both a combination ticket. The garden was built with techniques from the EDO period which was between 1600 and 1860. We saw the garden with a lot of colors from the fall, but we are sure it is beautiful in every part of the year. There are a lot of different types of gardens all with its own theme. In every garden there seemed to be Koi-fish. We even thought about drinking some tea at the teahouse, but we were too caught up in the gardens. For us this was a magnificent place to be.

Address: Kokoen Garden Admission ticket service – Google Maps
Website: Himeji Castle Nishi-Oyashiki-Ato Garden KOKO-EN (himeji-machishin.jp)
Admission: 310 Yen per adult (Including Himeji Castle 1050 Yen per adult)

Himeji itself is a small and peaceful town. After Osaka it was nice it was very refreshing. If you want to know more about our trip in Osaka, go to Osaka Castle, museum and Shrine ยป Japan (timellen.net).

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