Bird park and Suria KLCC

Bird park

One of the things we skipped the last time we were here, was the Bird Park inside the Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden is a big park with different kind of trees. It was free to enter. The park itself was rather big with a lake in the middle.

The reason we went there was because of the Bird Park. The Bird Park is rather expensive compare other things, but it was worth it. We really enjoyed the Bird Park because of the free flying tropical birds. It was a lovely way to spend the morning.

Suria KLCC shopping mall

Almost underneath the Petronas Towers there is a modern shopping mall called Suria KLCC. It’s a great place to buy some clothes and to eat in one of the food courts. Because we already entered the Petronas Towers two years ago, we skipped it this time. Still, they are a lovely sight.

We are enjoying ourselves here in Kuala Lumpur. Our plan was to stay eleven days here, but maybe we are going to prolong it. Write you soon!

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Bird Park

Suria KLCC Shopping Mall

Petronas Towers

Botanical Gardens KL

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