Castle quest

Ellen’s mom was born in a little castle in Meeuwen and because of the family legacy we decided to go there. We tried to contact the company who owns it, but they didn’t wanted to let us in “because of the Covid-19” they said. We almost abandoned the idea. Luckily we decided to push on and instead of just one castle, we added some extra.

Also, we got a “new” car! This would be the perfect trip to take it to the test.

Castle Meeuwen

First we drove to castle Meeuwen, which is, for castle standards, a pretty new and small building. This is the birthplace of Ellen’s mom. For the most part it hasn’t changed much since then apart from the big industrial sheds surrounding it. Sadly, we were not able to get much closer.

For more information about the history of the castle visit Kasteel Meeuwen – Wikipedia.

Castle Ammersoyen

Next up we drove to Ammerszoden, a small town not far from castle Meeuwen. In the middle of the town there is a pretty neat looking castle called Ammersoyen. Across the castle there’s a little church that has been bombarded. We visited that first. After that we went to watch the castle. Unfortunately this one was also closed, but still well worth walking around.

Castle Loevestein

This was the biggest castle of the three. Built by some cheeky fellow who bended the rules somewhat to finance this project. The landscapes surrounding the castle is a river and a swamp, in its day it was a very strategic position. The castle and the surroundings were beautiful. With some Covid restrictions we entered, but it was still very nice and relaxed. They also displayed an exhibition about Hugo de Groot who was kept imprisoned here and famously escaped by hiding in a bookcase.

Days ending

That concluded it was a pretty good day! We’ve been lucky with the weather aswell, nothing but sunshine these past few days which will continue into next week. Thanks for reading, see you soon 🙂


Castle Loevestein:


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