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    The beautiful chambers of Al Hambra

    But first We are sorry about letting you in the dark for so such a long time. Al Hambra After our stop with the car and our engine sign still on, we drove to Al Hambra (Red Palace) in Granada. The place was magnificent. First, we went to visit the Palace of Nasrid. Everywhere we looked, we saw beautiful walls. The palace is the only surviving palatine city of the Islamic Golden age. If you go there, you really have to visit this palace. At some places in the castle we could still see traces of the militairy. Drive home We stayed in Spain for one more night and went…

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    Our unexpected visit to Antequera

    Leaving Spain (not yet) On our way home we had a four-hour drive in front of us. While we were driving to Malaga, we booked our tickets online for a visit to Al Hambra. We drove on a provincial road through a very nice landscape and saw a lot of hills, mountains, cliffs, old buildings and forests. After we left the scenery, we had to get back on the freeway. On the freeway, the engine light of our car turned on and the car was making a weird sound. We had to stop and luckely, we found ourself near an exit that was save to stop. It was Sunday and…