• Switzerland

    St Beatus Caves and the city of Bern

    The days in Switzerland flew by. While writing this we have already left the country and crossed the border into Italy. The last two days in Switzerland were great and we wouldn’t have minded staying longer. Thunensee The second day in Switzerland we headed towards the lake Thunensee which was about 30 km from our cabbin. It is a beautiful blue lake inbetween the mountains near the town of Interlaken. We had several sights planned here but we ended up going to just one, just because we felt like doing nothing afterwards. We went to see the St Beatus caves, a pretty large cave system formed by water. It was…

  • Liechtenstein,  Switzerland

    On the road

    On the 22nd of August we returned from Iceland. After sorting out our laundry, developing pictures and packing our bags for a few days, we took our own car and hit the road. This time we’re going for the long haul. Ofcourse we are not just going at random, we have a plan. The route will look roughly like this: Vaduz, Liechtenstein Zweisimmen, Switzerland Aosta, Italy Bologna, Italy Florence, Italy Greece Albania Montenegro Bosnia Kroatia TBD All of our stays up to Greece are now fully booked. From Greece onwards we don’t have anything set in stone yet and we will see how things will develop. Vaduz, Liechtenstein Our first…