Chiyoda Tokyo

Yasukuni Shrine

The Yasakuni Shrine is a big Shrine in Chiyoda (Tokyo). The first few gates were very big. The Shrine itself was small but it was very interesting to see. There were many people praying towards it. The reason we wanted to go to the Yasakuni Shrine was because there is a locomotive that drove on the Thai – Birma Railway we just visited in Thailand. Sadly, we did not see any word about the people that died during the build of this railway.

Address: Yasukuni Shrine – Google Maps

Admission: Free


The palace called Kokyo was also in Chiyoda (Tokyo). This place is very big. The palace is almost gone. There are still a few stones left and a lot of ground. Still, the park was very impressive. We wanted to see the flower garden, but is was closed for some reason.

Address: Kokyo – Google Maps

Admission: Free

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