Comics and Cobblestone

We’re in the middle of Tuscany now. With it’s autumn colors it’s a sight to behold. Sadly we can only stay for two days so we made the best of it.

The first day we took the car and drove the small quiet roads to the small city of San Gimignano. Some people call it the Manhattan of Tuscany, because of its medieval towers. From afar it does somewhat resemble a modern skyline. It was a nice place to stroll around in and take in the scenery. With the pretty weather and all the colors around us it does not really matter where in Tuscany we would go, it was all great.

Lucca Comics and Games

The next day we headed towards the city of Lucca which is close to another city we already had visited before, Pisa. After a drive of an hour and a half we arrived in the city centre of Lucca and we were in for a surprise. It turned out it was incredibly busy because one of the biggest comics and games festival of Europe. It was held in Lucca, exactly this day. We struggled for a while to find ourselves a parking spot and just when we were about to give up we found a place, lucky!

Lucca was fun, not only because of the cool architecture and fall colors, but also because of the hundreds of cosplayers walking around. The atmosphere was nice and there was plenty of people to watch. Lucca itself has a big city wall completely surrounding the city. It’s about four kilometers long and you can walk the entire thing. So we did.

After a final pizza we left Lucca and drove back to our house in the middle of nowhere. Tomorrow we will leave Tuscany. It’s our last night in Italy before we cross the border again back into Switzerland.


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