Cycling and Palace Het Loo

The last two days we did some cycling and we visited palace “Het Loo”.


We chose to cycle through Ermelo and back. The part of the route that we thought was nice to cycle through was the forest between Garderen and Drie. Between the pictures you’ll find a map of our route. It was a total amount of 41 km. This was more then we used to ride.

Palace Het Loo

This palace is located in Apeldoorn and was inhabited until 1975 by the Dutch royal family. The palace gardens were big and if you got nothing better to do you can stay in them forever, or till the park closes. Because of renovations it wasn’t possible to enter the palace itself. This is a good reason for us to visit it once again in the future.

The next time you visit our blog it is possible to see our travel plans with something we are really excited about. If you like this blog please let us know in the comments. Bye for now.


Palace Het Loo: Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn | Tuinen & stallen open

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