Dwingelderveld and Westerbork

After our arrival in Odoorn we decided to go to Dwingelderveld and Westerbork.

Dwingelderveld National Park

This national park has some walking routes. The shortest is around 5 km, the second is 7 km and the longest is 13 km. We decided to take the longest. The whole route exist our of a gray trail that we had to follow. Because of the grey color is was easy to miss some of the things. After a few hours of walking we discovered that for ourselves. So we took a detour of 1 km. The scenery was really nice. We did some walking before, but not this far. We found that we saw a lot more things than normally. We also saw an enormous satellite and some nice places. We ran in some “processierupsen” type of caterpillar and there hairs are really burning/itching on your skin. It was a long walk, but we really enjoyed it. Here are some of the nicest photo’s we have.


As we put our car in de parkinglot we wanted to enter the museum, but without a reservation we couldn’t get in and the next spot they had was late in the afternoon. So we dripped off into the 2,7 km walk to Camp Westerbork.

When we wanted to go to Westerbork we envisioned that there were a lot of buildings and other things still left at the camp, but when we came here there was not much left. We saw the fence, a few bunkers, the rest of a building and some iron wire. They gave you an idea of how many people stayed and died there by putting stones in the ground for everyone that died down there. That was really impressive to see. It was also mentioned that Mollucans where put here after the war. They stayed there for around 20 years before they were helped. Scandalous. This day gave us a little impression of wat has been. We aim to visit some bigger sides that has to do with this part of history.


When we were walking on the path to Camp Westerbork we also saw some satellites that you can look at the stars with. They where really big and impressive. Here some photo’s.


Camp Westerbork:
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