Elburg and Harderwijk

For some of you these two places are pretty much in your backgarden. We’ve never been there before. Especially Elburg seemed very interesting and we decided to spend a day checking them out.

We started in Elburg. This is a small city located within ancient fortified walls and next two large lakes, which used to be part of the Northsea. It was very nice to walk around and explore its narrow streets. We were also in luck as it was the first day of the church tower being open for the public. For a measly 1,50 euro you could climb the tower and have a great view across the city. After the tower climb, with its narrow stone staircase and full of cobwebs and spiders, we went back to our car. Fully surprised we did not have to pay for parking, we left for Harderwijk.

We had to admit that Harderwijk was nice, but Elburg left more of an impression. We did enjoy exploring for almost two hour, but we did not manage to shoot many great pictures. We decided to stay in Harderwijk for dinner and had lobster and smoked eel. It was superb.

We had a lovely day again, also due to the fact that the rain did not show its face all day. Less than a week remaining here in the Veluwe, time flies.

See you again soon!





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