Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai

The park

We wanted to see elephants from the moment we were in Malaysia. We were a little bit scared to go, because we wanted the elephants to be treated the right way. So, we did our research and found a place in Chiang Mai called Elephant Nature Park. It is a really great place.

We took the Skywalk tour and got picked up by a van that headed to the park. There were four other people in the fan that also took the same trip. The Skywalk is a new area of the park, where we could see the elephants from up high. After the skywalk we went get some lunch and after that the tour continued through the cat shelter and the rest of the park.

In the rest of the park, we walked on the ground. We saw elephants, but also oxen and cows. They also have a dog shelter, but there was no time. The park saved most of the elephants. Some of the elephants are born in the park. It is rather sad to see some of the elephants walk.

At the end of our trip we had to escape two chasing baby elephants. They were really fun to see, but you do not want to have them run towards you or over you. The first time they came our way was because of a dog they were chasing. The dog was standing in the middle of our group. The second time was just for the fun of it and that went on for a few times. The elephants were very enthusiast.

As we stayed there our group of people became bigger. The other people gathered from other hikes and we were standing behind a hill of sand. The two elephants were running up and intend to run down towards the group of people. Luckily mama became angry and stopped them. Even our guide was stunned this happened. For us it became a great experience of being in the wild with some guidance and protection.

Link: Elephant Nature Park

Address: Elephant Nature Park Office – Google Maps

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