First day in Gion Kyoto


On our first day we went to Gion Kyoto. We think that Gion was one of the biggest touristic places in Kyoto. Everywhere we looked there was something to see. The streets were filled with a lot of shops and restaurants, the buildings were very traditional and there were many people. First, we visited the Yasaka Shrine in Maruyama Park. It is very nice place to visit. Second, we went to Kennin-Ji Temple. This temple is from the Buddhist religion. We really enjoyed this one because of its surroundings.

Address: Gion – Google Maps

Address: Yasaka Shrine – Google Maps
Website: Yasaka-jinja
Admission: Free

Address: Kennin-ji – Google Maps
Website: The Oldest Zen Temple Kenninji
Admission: 600 Yen per adult

Higishi Otani Cemetary

One of the things we like to do on a trip is, get lost. In Kyoto it was rather easy to wonder of the path. We came across a cemetery and asked a nice man if we could enter this. The man only spoke in Japanese, but at the end we figured out he wanted to give us the best places to see the view over the city. Boy we had some nice views up there.

Address: Higashi Otani Cemetery – Google Maps

We think this was a very nice day for us. The coming days will be filled with a lot of sightseeing. So you will find a new blog every other day for now. If you want to read about what kind of things we saw in Osaka, go to Our first day in Osaka ยป Japan (timellen.net)

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