Food and a drawbrigde in Terengganu

Drawbrigde in Terengganu

A new bridge opened in February of 2022. It is called a tower drawbridge. Sometimes names are very simple. You can choose between a technical visit and a visit to the gallery. We choose to go to the gallery only. At one side of the gallery, we saw a few glass floors to stand on. However, standing on them was harder than we thought. We had a very nice view on the city and on the ocean.

Food in Terengganu

We posted a lot of pictures on Instagram. One of the things we like is the food here. In the morning we ate Nasi Dagang. This is one of the famous meals in Terengganu. In the evening we went to China town and ate a very nice fish meal. As we returned, we also took the liberty of visiting a temple. It is called He Han Temple.

Cruising by bus

Okay okay, we are not always eating very good food. On the trip to Kuantan and to Malacca we took some Mac Donalds food. They had actually some very good Nasi Lemak there. The bus tour itself was nice and quiet. As we arrived in Malacca we were in a completely different place. It almost looked like a modern city and they are still building here.

For now we are staying in Malacca. We just stayed in backpack hostel. Because of some really nice people. Right now we have a magnificent view from our accommodation. Soon, you will read more about this place. Up to now it looks very touristic.


Drawbridge Terengganu


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