Food court and Islamic Arts museum

KL Petaling street

Petalingstreet, also known as China Town, is a place for shopping and eating. A lot of the locals eat there as well. It was a twenty minutes’ walk from our Airbnb. On the market there was also an elderly woman who sold Mochi. Mochi is a Chinese sweet and it’s well known in Japan. We walked into the food court and discovered we were also here on our last trip to Malaysia. It’s a place where you can find the locals.

After China town we went to Sri Maha Mariamman Temple and Sin Sze Si Ya Temple. The temples were built between a lot of houses and large buildings. They where small compare some other temples we have seen here. As we arrived at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, there was a ceremony going on. This was the first time we have seen it and it was very intriguing.

Islamic Arts museum

We wanted to walk to the Islamic Arts museum and the National Mosque of Malaysia. On our way we saw nice buildings with street art. Street art is one of the things you’ll find at many places in Malaysia. We were afraid we were too late to enter the mosque, because of the time of praying. Sadly, for us the praying was just getting started. We went to the museum instead. The building itself was very modern. Lately we have seen a lot of Byzantine buildings. In this museum we got a good glimpse of how these buildings were decorated in those times.

We will go back for the mosque in this week. See you soon.


Islamic Arts Museum


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