Ok Mr Dabolina, Mr Bob Dabolina. You had asked for it, and here it is. A blogpost about Italian food!

One of the things we need to mention about Italy is the food. Since we have arrived back in Italy, we have been eating very well. From the delicious baked goods in Puglia to the real deal Neapolitan pizzas, we simply want more.

We just let the pictures do most of the talking here. Although there is one specific thing we need to mention, and that is a place called Emilia which is located here in Massa Lubrense, just south of Napoli. It is the most amazing pizza we’ve had. The dough is super light and fluffy, it’s like eating a cloud. Especially the pizza with cream, mortadella and pistachios is worth coming back to this village for.

We were also really lucky with the BnB we had booked. The owners are a lovely Italian couple who took care of us like we were part of the family. They brought us fresh walnuts from the garden and they even made us fresh eggplant parmesan. Amazing!

They offered to teach us to make fresh gnocchi and we couldn’t say no. It’s crazy how good just simple ingredients can taste when they are fresh from the garden.

They even served them to us like a private restaurant right in our apartment. You can’t just beat stuff like this! This is the reason why we are travelling.


Pizzeria Emilia:

Best BnB in Italy, Mary’s Apartment:


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