One of those huge tourist attractions we’ve heard lots about, but never went. Giethoorn. Since we are in the neighborhood we couldn’t resist investigating it. It was actually kind of nice. We were also very lucky with the amount of tourists, because we went on a Monday, the weather forecast was not great, and also there is still somewhat of a pandemic going on. That probably had something to do with it.

We decided on renting a electric boat for the day and just cruise through the small canals and national parks nearby. It turned out to be a very nice day indeed. We did think about what it must be like when its full with tourists, and to be honest, we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Part of the enjoyment was being able to put the boat to full throttle and skip along the more boring grassland parts. We could only imagine the boat traffic jams of epic proportions when all tourists would be there.

Only two more days here in Zwolle, then we’re heading up north! We enjoy it alot here but are looking forward to moving again.

Bye for now!



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