Going to Chiang Mai

Train ride to Chiang Mai

After Sukhothai (Phitsanoluk) we wanted to go straight to Chiang Mai. That would have taken us almost eight hours, a long time. We booked the Special Express train to Nakhon Lampang and stayed a night over there. This train it was way less fun. It was like sitting in a closed off compartment with small seats. The Rapid train was way more fun. There the windows could open, the train itself was made of wood and the seats were much more comfortable. It is the same as the Express train.

Because it was getting late, we went to bed almost immediately. The day after we went to the station and took the Express to Chiang Mai. There we were picked up buy the owner of our Airbnb.

Address: Elephant Nature Park Office – Google Maps

Link: Elephant Nature Park

First day Chiang Mai

Our first day in Chiang Mai we went to the office of the Elephant Natural Park to book our trip. We wanted to see the elephants living free. This was one of the best ways to see that.

After we booked our trip and went to Wat Chiang Man. This temple is one of the oldest in the old city and has a Kristal Buddha. It was fun to visit.

Address: Wat Chiang Man – Google Maps

As we have said we have booked a trip to the Elephant Nature Park. Our next blog will be about that and how we got chased by two baby elephants. Do you want to see more of our trips in Thailand go to The Historical Park Sukhothai.

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