Going to Tainan

Walking through alleyways

Going to Tainan from Chiayi was rather easy. We had to wait a long time, before our check-in at our next hotel. That is why we took the slowest train there was to Tainan. Without reservation we could get in with our Easy-card. We loved Tainan. This city had a lot of different cultures and a lot of alleyways where we loved to walk through. Our hotel was also in the middle of a small market street with a lot of Korean stores and restaurants.

Fort Anping

One of the reasons we went to Tainan was because of Fort Anping, also called Fort Zeelandia and Fort Orange. Those last two names are Dutch. That’s why we noticed it. The Dutch built this fort in 1624. They Dutch did not had stones to build the fort and it existed out of wood and sandstones. In that period, it was named Fort Orange. After the build was completed with bricks it was called Fort Zeelandia. At that time the government of the Netherlands had little to do with this. The Dutch used it as a trading post for the VOC. Which was seen as a company at that time. It was over throned by Koxinga. After that the fort was neglected and the Japanese took it and built it into a new called Fort Anping.

It was fun to visit. We saw that there is only one wall left of the Fort Zeelandia and that wall is outside of the premises where we paid for. The Japanese rebuilt it all to their liking. In the middle there was some kind of a tower where we could see the surroundings and the place was rather big.

Address: Fort Zeelandia – Google Maps
Website: Anping Old Fort(安平古堡)-Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government
Admission: 50 TW$ per adult

Eternal Golden Castle

After Fort Zeelandia we went to the Eternal Golden Castle. This is a place that existed out of walls and a few old cannons. The place itself was rather big, but there was little to see.

Address: Eternal Golden Castle – Google Maps
Website: Eternal Golden Fort (億載金城 )-Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government
Admission: 50 TW$ per adult

Tainan Harbour

When we walked to Fort Zeelandia, we walked past a harbour and through a market. It looked like it was an Indonesian market. They had kroepoek and some other stuff that was Indonesian. It was a nice place and we had some nice views.

Address: Anping Old Street – Google Maps

Address: Lin Mo-niang Park – Google Maps

We really liked Tainan and there are probably more things to see here. If you are interessted in more of our Taiwan travels, go to Taiwan Travel Destination » Tim and Ellen’s Blog (timellen.net).

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