Goodbye Ribiera Grande and hello Ville da Nordeste

Biking 50 kilometers

When we left Ribiera Grande, we were prepared for a bike ride of 33 kilometers. Ofcourse, you are already guessing it, it turned out to be something very different. The first bike ride to Sete Cidades was the hardest one till now and we did ok. So we started the next ride with a lot of faith. When we wanted to ride over the main road, we noticed some signs saying that we could not go there (thank you Google maps). This went on for a few times and 33 kilometers turned into 50. At our last break it started to go dark and we were still on our way. To make the story short, after seven hours of riding, we arrived tired at our next place in Santo António were we stayed for two nights.

Short ride to Ville da Nordeste

Happily we recovered enough to ride out to Ville da Nordeste. We discovered a place along side of the road when we were taking a break down in a valley. Than Ellen saw what it looked like a waterfall. We definitely whould have missed this place if we went by car.

Ville da Nordeste

In Ville da Nordeste we saw some pretty nice things. A old bridge leading up to a church, a waterfall coming of the cliffs leading to the sea, a swimming pool with seawater coming in and a little port with a lighthouse nearby. It’s a small village but it’s really nice to see.

When we arrived on this island there was a very big storm. In the west of the island we only heard the noise of the wind, but in the east of the island there were landslides and the way to Nordeste was covered with it. Luckely for us it was gone when we arrived here. But there were still signs of the landslides as you also can see on the pictures.

We are staying here for a while to rest and recover a little bit. Bye for now.

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