Singapore,  South-Korea

Goodbye Singapore, hello South-Korea

Marine Bay and Garden by the Bay

When we were walking along the Marine Bay, we had a magnificent view of the city Singapore that laid behind the bay. We passed by a man with his guitar who was singing and many people were running up and down the bay. Because of the sun going under it was a magnificent sight.

After that we went to the Sky Park observation deck. We both online tickets to get in. The observation deck opened from 19:30 hours that evening and there was a really big line to get in. At that time, we were not sure if we could get in. We had to choose between waiting in the long line or going somewhere else. As we decided to go for the last option, the money we paid for the tickets was gone.

We left for the Gardens at the Bay. It was dark when we arrived and from the side of the park, we saw a lightshow from a distance. As we arrived at the Gardens by the Bay the lightshow was ended. There was another lightshow an hour later. We stayed to catch that one. It was very beautiful.

Entering South-Korea

Our days in Singapore were over, but we had to see one last thing. The Jewel. It was wonderfull, especially at night. After that, we had to catch our plane to South-Korea. Before we could fly, we had to do some administration.

  • Fill in the K-ETA form
  • Take a PCR-test (within 48 hours) or RAT-test (within 24 hours)
  • Fill in the government form to get a Q-code for entry
  • Also take a pen with you on the plane for filling in paperwork
  • PCR-test within 72 hours after arrival

It was rather easy to enter South-Korea, but because we had a slightly runny nose, we had to stay in detention. After half an hour we could continue our trip and pick up our baggage. The baggage hall was totally empty. We took our baggage and went to take a PCR-test that turned our negative. So we were free to go.

We are meeting some friends in South-Korea. So that should be fun! See you soon.


Gardens at the Bay

Sky Deck observation deck


  • Ilja Arends-Leppers

    Wat een mooie foto’s weer! Singapore heeft wel veel high-tech gebouwen inderdaad maar ook natuurinclusief toch? Echt bijzonder om daar doorheen te wandelen . Ook leuk te zien hoe jullie aan het reizen zijn. Veel plezier in Zuid-Korea met jullie vrienden, wel een bijzonder land denk ik.

    • Tim and Ellen

      Dankjewel! Veel natuur inclusieve gebouwen ja. Maar t blijft wel echt een grote drukken stad :). Zuid Korea is heel verrassend tot nu toe, we hebben beiden geen idee wat we te zien krijgen.

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