Haastrecht – Home for the next 2 weeks

As you might have read, we settled into a new temporary home. It’s an old shed converted to living space at Tim’s parents property. It’s still under contruction in some parts but mostly very comfortable.

While we are here we plan to relax and enjoy the silence of the countryside. We will do some hiking, biking and fishing and ofcourse planning our next steps.

Today we did go and hike a bit in the surrounding area where we took these shots.

During the afternoon we got some action, one of Tim’s dad’s bee colony decided to swarm and needed to be caught again. These bees will typically swarm whenever a second queen is present in the hive and the old queen decides to leave. The whole or large parts of the colobny can decide to follow her, resulting in a swarm. We got lucky as the queen decided to land on a branch pretty close by and Toon and Tim were able to catch them.

Just like the bees, we think we will enjoy our new home for now. Catch you later!


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