Hiking along side the ocean

First Hike

On the first hike, after we arrived in Fajã Grande, we wanted to enjoy the ocean. So, we headed to the harbor and stayed there for a nice view. After that we walked to a church that we could see from the harbor. We went to the church and found the start of a trail behind the church. Ellen new there should be a trail going to the north side of the island, but she thought it was higher up the mountain. On the first corner of the trail, we stopped and turned around. We were on the way for a long time already and it was getting late. The views we had this day were magnificent.

Another hike

The second hike we went to one of the most known places of Flores. It is also in Fajã Grande and it’s been called Ribiera do Ferreiro. There are a lot of waterfalls coming down the hill ending up in a lake. The trail to the waterfalls was also verry nice. It went through a magical.

Hike aborted

For the last hike we had to wait a while because the last few days there fell a lot of rain. We knew that the hike was going to be difficult and we wanted to be ready for it. The ground was very slippery. The hike itself went up a 300-meter-high cliff and there supposed to be a looking spot on the top of it. When we started the trail, it was easy and from the moment we said ‘if it’s like this, it’s doable’, it became a hard trail very fast. We decided to abandon the trail and went for some waterfalls instead. One of the waterfalls, which we visited before, was much bigger than before and when we got too close, we got soaked.

Enjoying Oceanic views

The ocean is one of the scenic natures we have seen here. It’s having its own moods and sometimes the waves were wild. We even saw rainbows. We love it.

Tomorrow we are going back to Santa Cruz, trying to reach Pico. We hope that we still have enough time to visit Pico, because our flight leaves at 31th of January. You’ll know soon enough. Bey for now.

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