Hiroshima atomic bombing

Hiroshima peace memorial museum

Hiroshima atomic bombing. This happend on August 6 1945. In the Hiroshima Pease memorial museum, we saw the effects of this bombing. Survivors told stories about their loved ones. They had witnessed loved ones being hurt by scorching of their flesh and soon the loved ones died. There were photos were people sat on the street and became a black spot on the wall behind them because of the blast. Maybe those people were lucky compare to a lot of others that had to live with radiation poisoning.

Glass bottles stood in the showcase, completely melted. Coins melted against each other. The thing we did not really understood was that people came to help the day after the bomb went off. The radiation was still there. Afterwards we knew that they did not yet know about the effects of the bomb itself. The bomb was dropped near the still standing bomb dome. It exploded 600 meters above ground on a place that is known as a hypocentre.

Address: Peacemuseum of Hiroshima – Google Maps
Website: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (hpmmuseum.jp)
Admission: 200 Yen per adult

Address: Genbaku Dome World Heritage Monument – Google Maps
Admission: Free

Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima still had some precious things they really would like to keep after the atomic bomb. One of them is the Hiroshima castle. This castle was complete between 1592 and 1599. It is rather small compare to other ones we have seen, but still it was very impressive. This castle also has been destroyed by the atomic bomb. They build it up again. It is five floors high and inside it was some kind of museum.

Address: Hiroshima Castle – Google Maps
Website: Hiroshima Castle User Guide | Hiroshima Castle (www-rijo–castle-jp.translate.goog)
Admission: 370 Yen per adult

Shukkeien Garden

Sukkeien Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens we have seen so far. It was built in 1620 by Ueda S­ōko, a famous master of tea ceremony, for Nagaakira Asano. Nagaakira had just become Daimyō. The gardens look a little dried up because of the fall, but it was very nice to walk through. Very peacefull.

Address: Shukkei-en – Google Maps
Website: Top Page | Shukkeien Garden
Admission: 260 Yen per adult

This was our first experience with Hiroshima and there is more to come. If you want to know about some other gardens we have visited in Japan, go to Okayama has wonderful places » Japan (timellen.net) or Beauties in Himeji » Japan (timellen.net).

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