History and modern art

Teamlabs Planets

One of the things Tokyo is known for is its history and modern art. If we think about modern art we think about paintings and statues made in a modern way. TeamLabs Planets in Tokyo was different. The art existed out of things we walked through, felt or touched. At the entrance we had to take our shoes off. In the changing area there were a lot of lockers where we could leave our stuff. After leaving the changing area we entered a hallway that went up. In the hallway there was a stream of water coming down in which we had to walk through. After that we went through several rooms filled with their own magical art. Outside there were two other rooms, which were also nice. One with flowers hanging from the ceiling and one with silver stones.

All and all, it was nice experience, but we thought there are some other things we rather spend our budget on. We think the cost for entry was very expensive. We recommend booking your tickets in front if it is high season. Because you might have to wait before you can enter. The tickets of a specific time can be sold out.

Address: teamLab Planets TOKYO – Google Maps

Website: teamLab Planets TOKYO Official Ticket Store – Entrance tickets sales (dmm.com)

Admission: 3200,- Yen per adult

Oeno Park and National Museum

Before we went to the National Museum of Tokyo, we walked through Oeno Park. In April you can find the pink blossom here, but now it is filled with the colours of fall. We walked past some beautiful sides.

The National Museum is a big place where you can find a lot of information about Japan’s history. We read about tea rituals and saw a lot of clothing and weapons that used to belong to samurai. There are also paintings and sculptures to find here. It is very interesting place to visit and we really recommend it.

Address: Nationaal museum van Tokio – Google Maps

Website: TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM – Visitor Information Getting Here, Admission & Hours (tnm.jp)

Admission: 1000,00 Yen per adult

Next time we will be in Yokohama, looking for some Gundam stuff. You can also read our last blog if you want at Trip through Tokyo » Japan (timellen.net)

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