Hot springs in Furnas

Lagoa las furnas

Visiting a lake never gets old for us. This time it was the lake Lagoa das Furnas. As we walked around it we saw a lot of nature and at the edge of the lake there’s an old church which looks like it’s neglected, but really interesting.

Terra Nostra Hot springs

Furnas is famous of Terra Nostra park. This park has a lot of exotic plants, we liked it even in the winter. The entrance fee was super cheap. It was only eight euro’s per person.

The main attraction of this park is the hot spring. We liked it a lot. The thermal water in the main pool felt soft, like the water we had in Myvatn (Iceland). Only this one was mixed with more water and felt less like silk. Next to the main pool they also had some jacuzzis with some cleaner water. That was also really nice, especially to rub the brown thermal water from our swimming clothes.

Heat sources

When we came into Furnas, we could already see some of the steam coming out of the ground. When we visit the place where it came from, we saw the water in the some places constantly boiling because of the high temperature. There was one place were it used to boil, but it closed itself. We could still feel the heat coming of the ground when we placed our hands on it.

As we walked back to our place, we saw a house that looked totally like a haunted house. Creepy.


Terra Nostra Park

When we are posting this we are in Vila do Franco do Compo. In the next blog we will tell you all about it.


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