How to extend your tourist visa in Bangkok, Thailand

To extend visa in Thailand

Today we went to the immigration office to extend our visa. We had a 60 days visa, but we wanted to extend it for 30 days extra. Behind the entry there is a big immigration office and a big shopping mall with and eating place. We also saw a small market there, but we do not know if it is always there.

How to get there

The location is Immigration Office – Google Maps. This location is only to extend a visa and not for extending the visa exemption. The train station is a half an hour walk. The BTS is even further. They are building a new BTS line, but it is going to take a while before that is finished. We went by taxi via Grab.

You can enter through gate 1 or 2. Gate 2 is closer towards the immigration office. We recommend taking that one. When you enter gate 2 the immigration office is after 100 meters at you right. Head for the sign immigration office Division 1. If you are coming by train, it is easier to take gate 1 and walk through the building. After entering gate 1 go left and walk until you are almost at gate 2. It should be on your left.

Making copies

You need to make copies of your passport and you have to print out the e-visa acception before you can go through the immigration. We were searching a half an hour for the copy stand and we found it by asking. When you come from gate 2 or the immigration office, go downstairs with stairs or elevator, turn left towards the 7/11 and then walk a little further, you will find it at you right hand.

From gate 1 you will have to go left and cross the big hall. There you will find the immigration office. Go down with the escalators. You will come down next to the 7/11. Walk a little further and the copy stand will be at your right.

TM7 form

The TM7 form will be available at the information office. You can fill it in when you exit the information office and go left and then left again. On the paper it says that you will need a TM6 form, but we did not receive it by entering Thailand. Later we found out that they extend the TM6 form in July. So right now, you do not need this form.


Bring a pen for each person if you are in a hurry, bring the payment in cash, bring with you the address where you are staying, bring a copie of your pasphoto and come early in the morning or early in the afternoon (they have luch from 12:00 to 13:00).

We hope you are informed enough to make your visa application much smoother. If you are lucky, you have an extended visa in no time.

Link: Immigration office Bangkok

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