Iceland, mini blog 1

It’s a bit late but here we go, we’re in Iceland!

We have very limited access to internet and no means to process any images taken with our cameras. So we decided to do some smaller blogs from our phones. We will put he images put online when we return.

The start

It was a rougher start then we had hoped. Iceland Air decided to cancel our flight about two hours before we were heading to the airport. They rebooked us onto a flight to Copenhagen, there we had a six hour transfer. From there we had a connecting flight to Reykjavik. All in all it was going to be a long day. Unlucky for us this also meant we lost a day in Iceland and we would arrive at midnight. At that time we still needed to pickup our jeep and find a campsite.


We were very lucky we picked a great rental company who had 24/7 pickup service and were able to pick us up from the airport at night. The guy who checked us in was so awesome, he allowed us to spend the night on their parking lot and we were able to use their bathroom all night. So nice!

While we were preparing for the night we could see the volcano erupt in the background. Magic!

Our car was a Suzuki Jimny with a rooftoptent. The tent folds out and is set up in a matter of seconds. It was included with a mattress and pillows.

Volcano and Gullfoss Waterfall

The next day the volcano was still active and we were close by. We headed up and checked it out.
When we arrived we could here the volcano thunder and we got very excited to see it.
It was clear that this is one of the main attractions in Iceland at the moment as there were several trails made to head up. We decided to take the steepest one which leads quite close to the cauldron.

It was a beautiful hike along the recently formed magma flows and you could still see the smoke rising up.
When we finally saw the volcano itself we sadly came to the realization that it went back to slumber… Bad luck!

We hiked back and we decided to give it another go later next week.

The next day we hit the road and we visited a massive waterfall, a national park, an erupting geyser and an old volcanic crater. So awesome ! This county is incredibly beautiful and we can’t wait to show you more of it.

See you soon!


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