Iceland, mini blog 2

We’re keeping up the pace. As we write this we’re in the south eastern tip of the island.

Tomorrow we’re heading up and we intend to pass the east side in one day.
It’s an absolute blast so far. We keep getting amazed by the natural beauty here which seems to change dramatically each few kilometers.
Sleeping in the tent has also been going well so far although we had hoped to find more campsites which allowed our camping card. That card gives you cheap access and sometimes even a “free” stay. It was potentially a money saver.

As you might see in the pictures, food ain’t cheap! We got a dinner with two salads, piece of trout fillet, a burger two pieces of pie and two Cokes. 105 euros !!

Finding regular campsites is very easy and no need to reserve a spot. Just drive up, pay and your settled. Just like we’re about to settle in for tonight.

Enjoy some random photos from the last few days.

See you again soon!


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