Iceland – Picture Gallery 4

The last picture gallery for Iceland. We’re already underway to a new destination of which we will post about soon.

Godafoss, Laufas, Lava cave, Hraunfossar and Reykjavik

Volcano rematch.

We had to see Geldingadalir atleast erupt once while we were there. We had obtained a website at which you could check the seismic activity for the volcano area and use that to predict its next eruption.

At aroud 03:00 at night we noticed the volcano got more active and we decided to climb the mountain in the dark. We arrived at the top right at sunrise. The volcano was glowing and smoking and the scene was beautifull. It was very cold however and we still had not seen the eruption. Looking at the seismic data we realised we might have been way to early and we had to wait a few more hours. We decided to give it a go. It was a struggle to keep warm in the cold wind at the top, luckily we had found a shelter in a ditch with some large boulders and pataches of moss to protect us. We stayed put there for a little over 3 hours when Geldingadalir finally started to erupt.

It was amazing to see this happen right on front of your eyes, only ~250 meters away. It was a great ending of an amazing trip around Iceland. We enjoyed every minute of it’s beautiful landscape and we are definitely going to come back one day.

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