It has been a while

Bye Bye Langkawi

It has been a while since we left you a blog to read. We had some bad internet connection and other priorities. But we will catch up. This part is about leaving Langkawi. The first thing we planned where our flight to Kota Bharu. That is on the other side of the country. After that we planned our hotel in Kota Bharu. The flight was really easy going.

Kota Bharu food

In Kota Bharu there are some little gems to find. When we left our apartment in the morning there was a market right in front of our building. Of course, we enjoyed it very much. One thing we also enjoyed, was the gelato shop in our neighborhood. It is the only one in Kota Bharu and it is halal.

Close to Kota Bharu lies a town called Tumpat. This is were there supposed to be the start of the jungle train. But now the train only rides to Gua Musang during daytime. The rest of the ride you will have to go by night. The government decided they only want the train to be used by students. It is really a shame because the nicest parts of the train ride are around Kuala Lipis which you can’t see in the night.

We came up with a new plan. Travel along the east coast.

Heading to Terengganu

Our bus trip to Kuala Terengganu took about four hours and they flew by very fast. Terengganu has a jetty to Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhantian. Islands that are close by. At the time we got there it was holiday and the prices of the accommodations went up. We decided to stay on the mainland for now.

Right now, we are still in Terengganu and tomorrow we will leave to Kuantan. We want to go to Taman Negara. The next blog will still be about Terengganu.


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