Korean eating places

We were looking for Korean eating places and we saw that some places were very popular with the locals. Like donut shops, pancake houses, Italian restaurants and Japanese eating spots. They love their food sweet and sour.

Korean dishes

Korean BBQ
Different kinds of meat prepared on a bbq in front of you. Wrap the meat with lettuce, fill with some kimchi.

Fried chicken
Already known by a lot of people

Noodles soup
Cold or warm, depending on the kind of noodles. Differences in broth, meat and vegetables

Rice with vegetables in a bowl

Compressed rice cakes in a sweet and spice sauce

Dumplings are dough filled with kimchi, fish (shrimp) and pork, which are steamed or fried

Rolls with seaweed filled with rice, vegetables and meat of your choice. Compare to sushi they have more flavour and are bigger.

Egg toast
Toasted bread with eggs, ham, cheese, corn and a lot more. Normally, this is eaten as breakfast or lunch. For the people who expect the food to be savoury, it is the opposite. The food is very sweet. They use corn and sweet sauce.

Kimchi pancake
It is a pancake filled with Kimchi. These pancakes are not available in a pancake restaurant.

Rice with beef


Kimchi is usually fermented white cabbage with a blend of chillies and salt but sometimes other vegetables are used.

These are pickled vegetables. With every dish we received some side dishes, mostly Kimchi but pickled vegetables were often present as well.

In Busan we went to a fish market where we ate crab. You can read about it here.

We really like the food in Korea. it can range from very healthy to very unhealthy. Sweet and savoury are often combined. Expect sweet flavours where you least expect them (at least for us western folk) Go to Malaysian food and Taste of Islamic life if you want to know more about our food experience in other places.

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