Lagoa do Fogo and Lombadas

Ribiera Grande

The road at the coast of the island is quite flat. So it was easy to ride and enjoy the view to our next place Ribiera Grande. In Ribiera Grande we had a house that was small, but it was one of the better houses we had. We stayed here for six nights before we went on.


In that time we visit a few places that were in the middle of the island, ofcourse. We went to Lombadas at first, which was a very hard climb. But in the end we arrived at a nice valley where we could rest for a while and enjoy the scenery.

Lagoa do Fogo

The second trip we did was also in the middle of the island. This bike ride was even harder because of the steepness of the road. Tim biked the whole trip and Ellen had to stop once or twice. We arrived at the lake and enjoyed the quite scenery very much. Afterwards we only had to drive down and ended up in some nice hot water springs to soak in the muscles. When we got warmed up, we went home.

That was it for this time. Soon we will be leaving this place and we have a 33 km bike ride in front of us. Our longest one yet. Bye for now.

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