Lajes do Pico

Road to Lajes do Pico

On our way from Madalena to Lajes do Pico, we drove past the highest stratovolcano on the Azores and in Portugal. Its height is 2.351 meters. Just outside of Madalena we stopped because of the magnificent view. On one side we saw the volcano with some old vineyards and on the other side the ocean with a scenery of Horta in the distance. It was beautiful. We must have stayed there for half an hour. Pico island is a different island than Flores. Pico has more volcanic beaches and Flores has more high ground. They are both beautiful in there own way.

Museum of the whale

Lajes do Pico is a quite place with a lot of volcanic beaches. Here also used to be a lot of whale hunting. We went to a small museum of whale history and saw an introduction video before we could walk through the museum. The museum was about the history of the people here. The men had more than one job to get around and whale hunting became more of an adventure than a job. After visiting the museum, we walked alongside the beaches.

Tomorrow we will bike to Piedade. This is more in the east of Pico.


Whale museum

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