Langkawi here we come

Traveling to Langkawi

We left Penang to go to Langkawi. After our three-hour bus ride, we arrived in the jetty of Perlis to get the ferry to Langkawi for one hour. First, we wanted to see something in Kuah, which is the less touristic part of Langkawi. We stayed in an hotel with a swimming pool.

Walking through Kuah

In Kuah there are a less Indian and Chinese people that we have seen in other places. Also, there is more Malay food. We love to eat Malay food especially in the morning we prefer Nasi Lemak.

We always stroll around the city the first day we arrive. To get to know the place and to feel the vibe of the streets. Sometimes we find places we would normally never go. We found a tower which was built for tourism purposes, but it stayed empty for the last year. We also found a park, we strolled through called Taman Lagenda. One of the best things we saw that day was the Eagle square.

Island hopping Langkawi

Our hotel arranged for us to go island hopping. The first island was like a fairytale. It was almost deserted. We had a lovely swim in the sea, drank a coconut and went on to the next island. The next island had a fresh water lake. Which was very interesting for the people in Malaysia, but we, Dutch people, are trying to escape those waters. In between those islands, we also went to a place where sea eagles lived. The boat driver threw chicken feet in the water and the eagles went to charge. It went really fast. We know that eagle feeding should be abolished, but it was a too impressive sight not to take pictures or film.

We stay on this island for a few more days. There is a party coming up next Sunday and a night market. More food!


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