Last day in Seoul

Japanese prison in Korea

The last day of our stay in Seoul we went to a Japanese prison once called Seodaemun prison. Its name changed many times. This prison was built in Korea by the Japanese to hold the rebellion. It was built in 1908. The prison was transferred to another place in Seoul in 1987 and this building reopened again in 1998 as a historic prison hall. There are a lot of ways the people in this prison were tortured. Standing in a coffin that was too small for a person to stand in and covered with nails on the sides. Drowning was also one of the ways of torture. But the one that creeped us out the most was pins under the fingernails. The museum even has his own gallows. It was very affecting to walk around in.

New heading Chuncheong

After our visit to the prison, we went to our new stop in Chuncheong, because we wanted to see something outside the big city. The ride itself took longer than we expected. The place itself is much prettier because of the national forest  that is surrounding the city.

Old village rebuild for Korean writer

We hoped to see some old buildings, but most of the buildings are gone because of the war. If we looked carefully, we still could see some of the bullet holes from the war here and there. It is very strange to walk in a country and feel save while there is still a war going on.

This place called Kim Yujeong house of literature is one of the places that was rebuilds as it was before. It was the village were the writer Kim Yujeong lived and rebuilt in his oner. He died when he was 29 years old. His first book was released when he was 27. The second when he was 28 and the rest was released when he died. The memorial itself was all written in Korean. We could not read it. We knew that up front and went only for the buildings and the village.


Seodaemum Prison

Kim yujeong house of literature

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