Last day sightseeing in Thailand

Tiger Cave Temple

Our last day sightseeing in Thailand we went to the Tiger Cave Temple in Kanchanaburi. This is one of the bigger temples in Kanchanaburi. We think this was a perfect ending of our trip in Thailand. The Tiger Cave Temple is a big temple build along the river. It is build on a mountain hill and underneath the temple there is a small cave. The temple has a tower were you can climb into. The highest floor has small windows so it is hard to look outside. From here there is no Grab and there are no taxies. We wanted to go back, but there was no Grab or taxi service availeble. That’s why we asked the driver to wait for us.

Address: Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple) – Google Maps

Chinese Temple

We wanted to go to the Sky Walk. As we arrived, we saw there was a big line of people that wanted to walk on the skywalk too. That is why we decided to walk back to our apartment. As we walked back, we came across a place that was just build. It was a Chinese Temple and looked beautiful. With a lot of light colours and very nice paintings and statues. We enjoyed it very much.

Address: Skywalk in Kanchanaburi – Google Maps, Wat Thaworn Wararam – Google Maps

Kanchanaburi Market

For the night we returned to the place near the Sky Walk to eat. When we walked through there were only a few market stalls with food. We walked a little further and came across the Sky Walk again. This time the street before it, was filled with market stalls and most of the sold food. The street itself was very long and this is the first time we saw a night market that looked so clean and uncluttered. It was really nice. The food was great and the view from the river side was very relaxing.

Address: Night market accross the sky walk – Google Maps

When you are reading this, we are allready in a new country. You will find out in a few days were we are. It was so exciting for us. Want to know more about our cooking experience. Go to Cooking lessons ยป Thailand (

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