Last days of Malacca

Temples in town

There are multiple religious places in Malacca and some of them are all in one street. A Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple and a Mosque. As we walked through Jalan Tukang Besi we found that there were a few temples closed. The only temple we could visit was Chen Hoon Temple, which had really nice dark wooden beams. It almost looked new. In the back of the temple was a memorial place for people and monks that lived there. Which also made a lot of impact. In stead of the other temples we have visit, this temple was very busy with people that wanted to pray.

Our train ride to Johor Bahru

After Malakka we went to Johor Bahru. We are staying in a clean hotel, but the surroundings are not that great. The first day we really felt like a number. We also stood in a massive rainstorm, that was kind of nice. The second day we had a great breakfast and it felt a little better. Also because we have a pool that is almost empty.

We will be staying here for a few days. We are still talking about what to do after.


Chen Hoon temple Malakka

Bus ride

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