Last goodbye to Malaysia


We like food. Malay, Chinese and Indian food. This is one of the last days we can enjoy these foods in Malaysia. Tomorrow we are on our way. Tonight, we are going to eat hotpot. Maybe you will find some pictures of that to on our Instagram.

Kite Museum

One of the things we were interested in, was the Kite Museum. We knew that it was settled in a park. The park was very empty. As we arrived, we thought the museum was closed. It was too quiet. Turned out we were on the wrong side. We really loved the museum. There were many different kites. Many countries showed their history.

Heritage street

The heritage street (Old Chinese street) is a strange place. When we walked through it on a working day there was nobody. The next Sunday the street was filled with stalls and people. One of things we saw, was someone making a kite by hands. Also, the stuff they sell there was, we think, 90 percent hand-made. Very awesome.

We are going to leave Malaysia. Find out were we are going in our next blog. Stay tuned.


Kite Museum

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