Leaving Faja Grande

Lakes Negra and Comprida

We think Faja Grande is one of the most beautiful places we have seen in the Azores. With our bikes it was really hard to reach our goal to end up back in Santa Cruz. Flores is a small island, definitely worth visiting, but think twice when you want to visit it with bikes. On our way to Santa Cruz we wanted to see the lakes Caldeira Negra and Caldeira Comprida. Which we should have seen with the aborted walk from Faja Grande. It was very cold at 600 meters high, but the lakes were worth the climb.

Leaving Flores

We wanted to visit Corvo on our last day of Flores, but the boats were too expensive and the wind was too strong. There was a chance we were on Corvo and our boat ride back would be canceled. Then we got stranded there and missed our flight. It was a risk we could not take. On Sunday the 16th is our flight departing to Horta (Faial). There we’re staying for a day and after that we are going to Pico by boat. This will be our last island before we are going back to the Netherlands.

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