Magnificent Flores island

Lajes das Flores

From Santa Cruz we drove to Lajes a small town south of the island. Here we wanted to walk along one of the Unesco trails. After a three kilometer walk we arrived at the start of the trail which it went down the cliff. After a short period of time we found out that the trail was blocked by a tree that fell down. It left a pile of dirt on the trail which was to big to climb over. We decided to go back and go to an other viewpoint on which we saw a little of the Unesco sight we wanted to visit.

Faja Grande

Before we went to Faja Grande, we already knew we had to climb for a long time. It was a hard climb with a total amount of 550 meters up. Once we arrived at the highest point, we saw two lakes next to each other. The lakes called caldeira Funda and Rasa. It was a very beautiful sight.

We drove down to our next stay in Faja Grande. The road was too steep to ride and Ellen walked down while Tim was playing with his drone. Making some pictures of Rocha dos Bordoes. The landscape kept getting better and right before we drove into Faja Grande, we stopped for a long time to admire the view. As for the place we are stay in, it is next to the ocean. It’s a fine place to stay for a while.

Soon we’ll be visiting the reason why this is such a touristic place. Fun fact, we asked someone in the neighborhood how busy it’s here in the summer and she said that it is really crowded with tourist at that time. To us, it really looks like the place is deserted. Bye for now!!!


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