Malacca, a city occupied by many countries

First day in Malacca

Malacca is occupied by many countries. In every street you will find something different. The sultan’s palace, also known as Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum, was one of the most beautiful sides we have seen in Malacca. It was very well kept and had a very big garden to stroll around in. The way to get there was absolutely horrible. When we walked through Jalan Kota (street) the multiple basses and bikes passed us by. All playing another song. After that we escaped to the St. Pauls church. There were a lot of gravestones in old Dutch. Even we had some trouble reading it. Still, very funny to try. The A Famosa is the place were this city started. It looks like a entrance port through the city.

Bukit China and temple

One of the things we enjoyed last time was the graveyard. Malacca’s graveyard should be bigger than the one we saw in George Town, sadly we found it the other way around. It was impressive still, because of the many restored graves. Next to the graveyard was a Temple called Poh San Teng, Hang Li Poh’s well and a memorial place from the second world war, also very impressive.

We are staying a few nights in Malacca and then we leave to Johor Bahru. We will keep you updated.


Sultans palace Malacca

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