Monemvasia and rocky road

Monemvasia the house

As we said in our last blog, when we arrived in our house we fell in love immediately. The scenery and the house itself, has everything we need and more. It’s a really nice place to stay, including Monemvasia itself with his sea view restaurants.

Monemvasia’s Byzantine structures

The reason we went to Monemvasia was because of the structures they have. Monemvasia is a village in the South-East of Pelopennese. It’s actually a peninsula attached to a peninsula. We found out it is one of the nicest structures in the Pelopennese and maybe on the mainland too. The place is only accessible by foot and it’s a long way up. First we walked over the bridge and up to the gate. When we entered the world around is instantly changed. The road turned to a cobblestone road and were getting more narrow. Somewhere in the middle of the town we had to climb the stairs to get to the top, which turned to be a hard climb with a gravel road and rocks. When we arrived, we went to the far side of the mountain and we were al alone. Than we climbed further op to a small church and the highest point of the settlement. We thing this is the biggest and the most beautiful one we have seen so far. On our way down we wanted to avoid the street and walked on a parallelly pathway looking out over the sea and the mainland. After a ten minute walk we heard some noise coming from the grass and we waited. We thought it was a rabbit or a fox or maybe a snake. It turned out there were to turtles clustering together and hiding from the sun. When we came down the first thing we wanted, was to go up again…

Kastania Cave visit and it’s rocky roads

An hour drive away from Monemvasia lies Kastania Cave. Which was very good to reach with a road over the mountains. After we arrived there we saw the inside of a wonderful cave. There where a lot of stalagmite and stalactites. The cave itself was rather small. Because we had the guide all to ourselves we had to ask him some questions and we learned a great deal about the cave. Unfortunate we couldn’t take any pictures in there. So we took some pictures the way back. Somewhere we took the wrong way back we saw some goats coming by. We took a different road back, but noticed it when we ended up on a gravel road, which wasn’t very good for our car. If we couldn’t go any further, we had to turn on the small road or drive backwards. Luckily we came out alive with a few scratches underneath our car.

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